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The U-B-Safe 1 is worn by people with reasonable hearing for use in a non-noisy environments. It alarms when your skin's dose has been reached each day.

UBSAFE 1 also alarms when areas of skin have missed having sun cream on, so saving these areas from being sunburnt. It is easy to operate as only the on off switch need be operated each day.

If placed on your hat it need never be taken off. This means it is always with you in the sun and you are also getting the protection of the hat. If worn without a sun cream the UBSAFE 1 will alarm when you have had sufficient u/v dose for your particular skin for your vitamin D, that day. 

Please note u/v radiation on our skin is cumulative over our life time. Wear a UBSAFE to help warn you when to get out of the sun before it damages your skin.


  • Water resistant
  • Solar powered no batteries needed
  • Made tough for kids and industry 
  • Always angled towards the sun
  • Remembers your skin type you selected on your first day
  • Can be worn anywhere doing anything

Now you can help save your, or a loved one's skin,from accelerated skin ageing, sunburn, and skin cancer, and get vitamin D from the sun, as nature intended.


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